Hello, friends! This is a post for old fans, new fans or just casual listeners that wanna know more about them. Something I wish existed when I first started listening to them (though granted they didn’t have 1/3 of what they have now, but you get my gist).

This post contains links to their cds, dvds, videoclips, covers, extras, books, official links, movies, tv shows…

Or what I like to call… 'McFLY - A MASTERPOST'

Please reblog and share this, spread the word about this amazing but yet  underrated band. 

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-.10 cosas que odio de ti.-

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" Quiero comer contigo, estar, amar contigo, quiero tocarte, verte.
Me lo digo, lo dicen en mi cuerpo los hilos de mi sangre acostumbrada, lo dice este dolor y mis zapatos y mi boca y mi almohada.

- Jaime Sabines. (via nomegustaelpastel)